Getting Started

Here are some guides to help get you started

  1. Setting Up Push Notifications

    Setting up push notifications from CFSScan is very simple, all you need is your web browser.

  2. How to Search Like a Pro

    We have spent a fair amount of time making our search as comprehensive as possible. Follow this guide to make your searches more powerful and more accurate. Did you know the same search techniques can...


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  • CFSScan has added PayPal support for push notification subscriptions and other purchases.
  • CFSScan now has backup power and Failover 4G
  • CFSScan is now live, we have taken all your feedback to deliver the information you need, want and deserve. We have closed our beta trial service and are now accepting push notification accounts.
  • CFSScan has now started their own news feed. We will use this section to bring you news regarding our changes to our website, applications and detail new features. In addition you can except us to kee...