Searching the Paging Feed is Simple, Yet Very powerful.

We have spent a fair amount of time making our search as comprehensive as possible. That little search box can do some amazing things and has great potential. Read below for some easy search tips.

The Basics

All of your searches are performed by splitting your search criteria and ignoring some common words such as 'the', 'we' etc, this is used to provide you with a relevant search result.

Next we treat all your words as important and put and "AND" between each word. So a simple search such as

Structure Fire Adelaide

Is converted to

Structure AND Fire AND Adelaide

This is simple enough and forms the basis of all searches created.

A Little More Advanced

As we said before the search can be pretty advanced so lets look at some more search options. Now as we have said we split all the words and search for a match containing all words. There are a few options to help you search.

Search Keywords:

  • AND: This keyword is used (and is default) to group two or more search groups together
  • OR: This keyword is used to search for a match between one or more search groups.

Search Grouping

As our search splits all the words in the search into seperate groups there maybe a time when you want to match a specific order of keywords.

Given our exmple above lets say we want all the results for Structure Fire in Adelaide. Entering Structure Fire Adelaide will match all the words "Structure" "Fire" and "Adelaide" but not in order. We could change this search by adding double quotes "" around each group.

"Structure Fire" AND Adelaide

"Structure Fire" Adelaide

Now this will search for the words "Structure Fire" as one group AND "Adelaide" as a second group.

A Bit More With Groups

So we now understand how we can group our results and ensure we have the right keywords, next lets try something more advanced. Lets say we want all MFS or CFS incidents, matching the types "Structure Fire" or "Vehicle Fire" in Adelaide. Well this gets a bit more confusing.

We can now intruduce logical search groups using parenthesis ().

(MFS OR CFS) AND ("Structure Fire" OR "Vehicle Fire") AND "Adelaide"

Try it out!

Woowza! That is complicated, and yes it is, but we can break this down into groups and pieces.

  • (MFS OR CFS) - This tells our search service to search all MFS or CFS messages.
  • ("Structure Fire" OR "Vehicle Fire") - This instructs the search engine to match either of those two statements
  • "Adelaide" - Only where the word Adelaide is mentioned.

Now my favourite search 

SAAS AND ("Traffic" or "Other Emerg") AND ("Aldinga" OR "Sellicks" OR "McLaren Vale" OR "Willunga")

Try it Out!

This is for our road crash brigade, this searches all potential traffic related (or other emerg) in our road crash response zone.

Remeber All These Techniques work in our Push Notifications Free Text System


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