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Multiple Cap Codes

Get notified from multiple sources

Setup your push notifications to recieve messages from a mix of Agencies, CapCodes, Alarm Levels, Priorities and even free text message matching.

Notification Groups

Group your users and notifications

Configure your notifications to be sent to different groups of users arrive with different priorities, sounds and match multiple different rules. Split over multiple groups allows for full control.

Multiple Users

Bring Your People Together

Add users to your notification account to deliver customized notifications to a wide range of users. Group your users into custom notification groups to gain full control of who gets which message.

Internal Messaging

Keep Your People Updated

Send notifications to your users, groups directly to their smart phones. Bypass the paging feeds and send the message via our easy to use private messaging services.

14 Day Free Trial

Try Before You Buy

Try our push notifications service free of charge for 14 days without limitations. All the features are available to you without a credit card or payment option. The free trial will only renew if YOU want it to.

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The accounts are best designed for people that wish to subscribe to a set of notifications and are not signing up as a group. These subscriptions offer many of the features of the other two subscription types but are designed for individuals. VIEW ALL OUR INDIVIDUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS


Brigade accounts are specially designed to meet the needs of our emergency services. Wether you are part of a brigrade, group, unit or sector this subscription type is for. These subscriptions come with amazing features such as

  • Multiple Users
  • Notification Groups
  • Private Notifications


Review all our plans to find the best one that suits your needs.