CFSScan Now Has Failover 4G and Backup Power

We are happy to announce that CFSScan has invested in Backup 4g Failover and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

For the Past few months we have been testing our new Telstra Frontier Modem with Failover 4G internet as well as

our new UPS this means that if the Telstra 100/40mb NBN Connection drops out the 4G will automatically take over until the NBN Connection is restored.

The Power back up gives 4 hours of back up Battery which will cover majority of Blackouts.

As well as this CFSScan has Multiple Scanners set up around the state utilising different Internet Service Providers on different backbones.

This means if Telstra's Internet completely Fails our other Services will continue to operate providing you with your Critical Pager Message Notifications.

We are Dedicated To Providing An Uninterrupted Service.

Our all inclusive mobile applications include features such as

  1. To the second PUSH notifications to your smart phone, tablet or PC.
  2. Customized Notifications allowing you to design exactly the type of notifications and how you respond to it.
  3. Integrated mapping giving you direct to incident locations with powerful navigation, with powerful overlays such as water points, grid references and traffic.
  4. Real-Time South Australia GRN Paging feed with easy to understand layout and details.
  5. Fastest most feature rich and up to date pager monitoring service covering South Australia's emergency services including the Country Fire Service (CFS), Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS), State Emergency Service (SES), South Australia Ambulance Service (SAAS) and MedStar emergency response.
  6. Emergency Services filtering, to show only the services you wish to see and the area you wish to see them.

Your responders are covered

Whether your out of area, forgot your pager, or in a area without pager coverage our push notification service works world wide. Our notifications arrive at the exact moment your pager sounds, all you need is a data connection (mobile, wifi or otherwise).

There are many available subscriptions for you, and\or your brigade.  

As an individual you can sign up to receive personalized notifications for exactly what you would like to receive. Brigades\Units can setup advanced notifications rules to deliver the messages to your members with the information they require.

Choose your best package.

Not just for emergency services

We are not only providing this service to emergency services employees\volunteers.

Those of you that are part of farming communities wishing to monitor bush fire activity in your area can setup notifications for your local fire brigade, with our Individual Accounts.

How to get started.

Getting started couldnt be easier, you can download our application from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or simply use your web browser.

Once you have your application simply follow some of our online video tutorials to setup your push notification account.

If you have any questions or experience any difficulty with your push notifications please contact us anytime using our   Contact Form or find us on our  Facebook Page